DriveSkills now offers Showcar and Display Services

DriveSkills is now proud to offer Showcar and custom display services.

A beneficial by-product of our Formula1 style simulators, DriveSkills Showcar services provide a unique and exciting addition to any corporate environment, gathering, or display showcase. Fully customizable, DriveSkills showcar-for-hire produce an excellent branding and marketing solution used for display, photo opportunities, race themed decor, or new product launches!


DriveSkills VMC-Champion Showcar, featured in K1Speed-Miami


Life-size and with custom painted livery, DriveSkills Showcars are the only displays manufactured in North America that are able incorporate actual components such as suspension, wheels and tires, aero-pieces. In addition to era and championship specific show car productions, DriveSkills produces custom mounting and display pieces, making your car a true work-of-art.

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